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ThaiMICE, one of Thailand’s leading Professional Conference Organizers (PCO). We are a team of experienced professionals that help you plan and stage a successful conference to meet your objectives.

ThaiMICE can organize and manage all aspects of your conference and exhibition, optimizing your time and budget constraints by providing tailored services to meet your specific needs.

ThaiMICE's clients include professional associations, universities, corporations, governmental agencies and international non-government organizations (NGOs). We can meet a variety of needs, and have successfully managed events ranging from small specialty workshops with fewer than 100 attendees, to 3,000 attendee conferences and their associated exhibitions.

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Professional Conference Organizer (PCO)

ThaiMICE serve you as a Conference Expert, which involves a myriad of services which includes bidding for a convention, budgeting and cashflow, timeline planner, marketing & promotions, vender sourcing, registration, abstract management, sponsorship, housing, logistics, production and staging, staffing, a teacher (and a student), a procurement specialist, a registration and abstract expert, a travel agent, a destination expert, a rapporteur and a Hollywood movie director.

ThaiMICE engaging vendors for audio visuals, printing and booth fabricators. We focus on the total experience of the participants, speakers and organizers providing them an effective platform to meet their individual ROI.


Event Organizer

ThaiMICE provide you as Destination Expert locally based in Thailand.


Congress Travel

As host, you want to be sure that participants and speakers will be well taken care of throughout their stay – by someone who knows what your colleagues expect and is sensitive towards their wishes. We truly provide "comprehensive service" personal, prompt and efficient. The spectrum runs the gamut from affordable accommodation for young scientists with smaller purses to multi-hotel group bookings for several hundred rooms.


Exhibition & Sponsoring


• Draft a concept Research potential sponsors and exhibitors and relevant contact persons Compile and send out invitation brochures including early registration and agreement forms Manage marketing and sales of sponsoring and exhibition packages Arrange continuous follow-ups with interested parties (via e-mail or telephone)
• Handle contracts with industry, invoicing and monitoring of payments, as well as manage incoming funds Be present on site to assist companies during setup / dismantling and during the meeting
• Keep accounts and provide final settlement with the organiser Send out thank you letters to industry representatives obtain feedback


• Compile and distribute an exhibitors' manual with all details regarding the technical and organisational proceedings on site (delivery, transport, rental furniture, setup and dismantling, local characteristics, etc.)
• Measure exhibition space; produce floor plans including catering areas, scientific poster area, etc.
• Compile an exhibition plan; allocate booths in cooperation with the organiser
• Serve as interface between the venue and exhibitors
• Coordinate sub-contractors (booth construction services, etc)


• Manage compilation and sales of individual sponsorship packages as well as separate sponsoring items (symposia, ads, etc) in cooperation with the organiser
• Manage sales and coordination of print ads
• Manage acquisition of sponsors, in writing or via telephone
• Coordinate, organise and implement appointed sponsoring packages and services


Don’t let manual process and disconnected event tech steal away any more from you time. ThaiMICE utilizing superior technology platform to facilitate your conference.


Conference website is your conference information center, ThaiMICE assist you to create your conference website, logo and key visual.


Online & on-site registration is the gateway for your delegates. ThaiMICE provide you the professional on online registration as well as smart onsite registration system


ThaiMICE’s effective abstract management system will liasise your abstract submitters and reviewers on their abstract issues


ThaiMICE’s mobile application will help all delegates to connect, update, provide information your conference


Conference planning and support team

The conference support team is led by Senior Manager of Service Delivery. Each client works closely with a Project Manager who helps oversee the entire process to guarantee completion. The team is also made up of Subject matter experts who specialize in various fields, such as the Scientific Coordinator, the Venue Coordinator, Technical Engineering, and Financial Coordinator.

On-site support team

To ensure a seamless and positive attendee experience, ThaiMICE’s conference team will support and trained onsite staff, as well as provide move-in & move out plan, set-up and dismantle, staging and rehearsal, configure and test event technology.


“ Having ThaiMICE as a partner means there is a team in place that is dedicated and focused on the success of each one of our events. ThaiMICE allows us to build a world-class event experience for our attendees while providing us with critical information to improve and shape our events”

Local Organizing Committee for ISPAH2016



“ Having ThaiMICE as a partner means there is a team in place that is dedicated and focused on the success of each one of our events. ThaiMICE allows us to build a world-class event experience for our attendees while providing us with critical information to improve and shape our events ”

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